About Iran


Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East region, after Saudi Arabia, with an estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2016 of US$412.2 billion. It also has the second largest population of the region after Egypt, with an estimated 78.8 million people in 2015. Iran's economy is characterized by the hydrocarbon sector, agriculture and services sectors, ...

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Northern Iran is neighboring old Russia and is home to Caspian Sea with abundance of natural surroundings greens and is best set for leisure tourism and related industries. It is also home to some of Iran's largest and cheapest Industrial cities subsidized to house medium and large food and other production plants including seafood processing and Caviar, emulsifiers, olive oil, soya ...

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Iran is the world's eighteenth largest by purchasing power parity (PPP) and twenty-seventh by nominal gross domestic product. The country is a member of Next Eleven because of its high development potential. In addition to oil and gas, Iran has a well-developed services sector, tourism, telecommunications infrastructure, extensive roads and highway structure, automobile ....

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Market Research

At Poiniran we can provide you with appropriate secondary research, data and information from reputable sources to help better position your interest. We can also assist you in conducting primary research essential in extending your ability to do business, operate and compete in Iran.
Our research can include but is not limited to company records, surveys, ...

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SMarket Intelligence

We provide competitive intelligence both on foreign and domestic commercial entities and activities in Iran, and can provide you with data from:
* Monitoring the press and journals for article, press releases and job adverts
* Benchmarking competitive products and services
* Monitoring and collecting promotional ...

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Trade Shows and Event Marketing

We can assist you promote your products or company by helping you participate in trade shows, conduct conferences and lectures and explore other media opportunities to help maximize exposure and coverage.
Participation in trade shows and events held in Iran, gives you and your company ...

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Partnership Leads

If you wish to engage in a partnership with Iranian individuals or entities we can assist by:
* Helping introduce reputable potentials
* Prepare confidentiality and none disclosure agreements to help protect your information
* Assist in negotiations
* Provide business (partnership) ...

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Buisness Negotiations

In dealing with Iranian counterparts, we help ensure your business engagements such as communication, travel, meetings and other affairs are well planned and you have sufficient information to make decisions with proper contracts in place to safeguard your interests. To this we will provide:
* Information on work permits, visa and travel restrictions ...

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Contractual Agreement

In facilitating your business objectives Pointiran can help prepare appropriate agreements and contracts to assist you better conduct your affairs. Each contract and agreement is developed to protect your rights while ensuring that you understand your legal obligations.
Whether you are concluding a onetime, repeat ...

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Doing Business in Iran

Business connections in Iran are built through personal relationships. In doing business with Iran you need to start, develop and maintain connections throughout. In this relationship driven environment connections play as important of a role as regulations and the right connection will help overcome barriers.
In developing connections, businesses must conduct enhanced due diligence to ensure partnerships don't result in more harm than good.

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About Pointiran

We are a consulting firm specializing in international business and market development that promotes trade with Iran. As such we cater to foreign companies interested to enter Iran's market and domestic enterprises keen to explore potentials abroad.
We realize that successful entry into Iran's markets by small and medium size companies can be very challenging and while profits are promising, foreign companies wishing to take advantage of business potentials, through market development, can face numerous obstacles. At Poiniran we dedicate our experience to assist and advance commercial transactions through our vast network of local professionals.
Similarly we offer our business services to Iranian clients to help them realize potentials abroad by introducing universal tools of engagement with innovative approach tailored to local principles.


Export your product, sell your services and see your profits rise with Pointiran.